Who are you? / 我是谁?





I am popularly known as sundaymouse (on Internet). I was born in the mainland of China, and currently a resident in East England, UK. I have approximately 10 years of experience using the Internet. My native tongue is Mandarin Chinese, but I am able to write in Traditional Chinese as well. I have near-native level of English skills, and also with a minimum level of Polski.

I mainly work in the Network Engineering sector, though without a relevant degree (yet). I am an experienced Linux Server Administrator and a non-professional developer. I most offen write codes in PHP or Python, and also have limited experience in C++ and Javascript. I also have experience working with dd-wrt routers.

I am a Starcraft 2 and Counter-strike (CS:S, CS:GO) player. I used to play CS1.6, World of Warcraft and Warcraft 3.

I support Labour Party in the UK.

FAQ / 常见问题


头像是我几年前养过的一只猫(现在还在中国大陆),在较低的光照条件下用iPhone 4的相机拍摄。



我是Mac OS X以及iOS用户,同时也使用Ubuntu Desktop。服务器OS使用DebianCentOS.

The following are the frequently asked questions about me and their answers:

What is in your profile image?
The image is my cat which I kept for a few years. Now she is still alive and lives comfortably in China. The photo was taken in a low light environment with the iPhone 4 camera, so the quality isn't that decent.

What devices do you use?
I am a Mac OS X and iOS user. I also use Ubuntu Desktop. For server OS, I use Debian and CentOS.

Contact me / 联系我


电子邮件: [email protected]    (PGP公钥请见下方)
Google Talk: [email protected]
个人博客: blog.sundaymouse.com
Twitter: @sundaymouse

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in any part of my work, or have any enquires, please contact me through any of the following methods:

Email: [email protected]    (See below for PGP Public Key)
Google Talk: [email protected]
Personal Blog: blog.sundaymouse.com
Twitter: @sundaymouse

PGP公钥 / PGP Public Key ID: 42E87CEA